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vacation rental in Sicily (Italy) For your vacation, discover Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean, the cradle of ancient civilizations such as Greek, Arabic, and which still enchant fascinate tourists from all over the world for its sea and the thrill of spending a pleasant holiday in contact with nature and surrounded by beautiful and important cultural sites. Relentless in his clear blue sky stands the volcano Mount Etna, which dominates the landscape of the island and often spits out flames that seem clear night fireworks. Following Sicily vacation Rental

vacations rental in sardinia (Italy)Sardinia (Italy)
.... Be attracted by the charms of Sardinia, by its nature is still unspoilt and bleak, full of remnants of primitive settlements, with its nuraghi, not to mention the beaches and crystal clear waters.
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Venice vacations rentalTravelling Veneto: Venice, its singularity, the atmosphere that surrounds it, the beauty of its marble monuments that are reflected in its waters, it is certainly the most unique cities in the world, looking regal, a dream, a place between the more 'famous international tourist spend your holidays in Venice

See other popular tourist destinations for holiday homes how Croatia, Green Cape, Portugal, Mauritius

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